$WOWS + Stable farming and LP staking with Character Folios (C-folios) bridged to POLYGON!

Its been an intense month at WOWS HQ but we are pleased to announce that we have successfully bridged all stable farming and staking from Ethereum to Polygon. We have big plans soon to be announced under the banner ‘Project Skyscraper’ and bridging to Polygon is the first piece of the puzzle.

Not only this but we have been in talks with the Polygon team who love what we are doing and what we have planned especially. Look out for some official media announcements coming very soon!

What does this mean for existing Wolves stakers and Bois Stable lenders?

First and foremost this is the end of high gas tx on the Ethereum chain whilst still utilizing the Eth chain. When we say end, we mean $1 of Matic can perform at least 100 transactions. This means the possibility of manual compounding of rewards at least 100 times daily, yes time to get loose!
But it will mean migration for your current Wolves and Bois as we won’t be providing WOWS rewards on the Eth chain anymore. The steps to migrate are below.

We are also providing 1 Matic to at least the first 500 migrators which will automatically appear in your wallet upon migration success. This will save you hours of getting Matic to fuel your Polygon TX.

What about newcomers?

In order to invest using your Wolves and Bois Character Folios you will need to purchase Wolves and Bois character cards on the Eth chain, and then bridge them over to Polygon. This may seem counterintuitive but it will become clear when we announce Project Skyscraper, our vision for GameFi on WOWS platforms within the next 5 days.

Upgrading Character Folios to V2

Our multichain vision requires a migration to new C-folio smart contracts. These new contracts are optimized in respect of gas usage and are also proxy-backed. This means they are ready for Project Skyscraper and will allow us to add features faster in the future. This is crucial to a multichain $WOWS future.

Here are the current rules regarding how migration affects current staking and farming.

  • C-FOLIO without I-NFT and without active booster lock migrates to Ethereum. If you would like to utilize Polygon you are now free to migrate manually.
  • C-FOLIO with I-NFT or with active booster lock migrates to Polygon.
    The booster lock is bridged to Polygon, too.
  • Pending FARM REWARDS will be claimed into the existing booster lock, if no such one exists, into your wallet. If you want pending rewards always in your wallet, you have to claim them manually before migration.
  • Invested LP TOKENS are withdrawn into your wallet, you can bridge them on your own to Polygon and invest + earn.
  • Invested YCRV TOKENS are withdrawn into your wallet. They are not supported on Polygon and have to be converted into a stable coin on curve.fi. Because this conversion is expensive, we will offer to do the conversion into USDT after ETH block 13377140. After our conversion, you receive USDT into your wallet.

Here is a quick visual step by step and how to migrate.

  • Go to https://appv1.wows.finance
  • Click on MY PACK and select your C-FOLIO that you want to migrate to V.2
  • Then click the Migrate <C-FOLIO NAME> to V2 button. It will open up a pop-up panel.
Go to MY PACK and click on your C-FOLIO to open up its page
  • On the pop-up panel, click on the Migrate button again, to send the transaction confirmation to your wallet.

Withdrawing yCrv you have in your Bois C-FOLIOs is expensive. For that reason WOWS Team created a batch withdrawal option in the pop-up panel. If you want to opt-in, click the Let team WOWS convert my yCrv token into USDT and you will receive your investment as USDT to your wallet after the block 13377140.

  • You need to confirm the transaction from your wallet and wait for the transaction to be included in a block.

After the transaction succeeded, it will take 10–15 minutes for the C-FOLIO to arrive in your Polygon wallet. This is the same wallet you have but only on Polygon Network.

Changing to network to Polygon (Matic)

If you don’t have Polygon Network on your Metamask wallet, don’t worry we configure MM automatically the first time you hit the polygon button!

Perfect you are done!

For Trust Wallet, you can change the network from the in-app DApp browser, the Ethereum icon at the upper right corner of the screen when you visit a website. Click on it and select Polygon.

Visit WOWS V.2 DApp

The next step is to visit WOWS V.2 DApp. To do that visit this link: https://app.wows.finance

You will see two icons next to the connect wallet button at the upper right. Ethereum and Polygon networks’ icons. You can click them two instruct Metamask to switch networks. For Trust Wallet, you can use the button mentioned above.

Network switching button. Works for Metamask.

Now you can check your C-FOLIOS on Ethereum and Polygon Networks from here. Confirm that you have your migrated C-FOLIO on the MY PACK page and it has the I-NFTs and/or Booster Locks in place.

Below is a screenshot from Trust Wallet for the Gorgan Decko C-FOLIO above on Polygon Network.

Pay attention to the Polygon Logo at the upper right corner

We are now a multichain crypto business with some very exciting launches coming up. The next announcement will be Project Skyscraper, this will be a huge step in our overall vision and Polygon was the first step.

We are building steadily and the future is the pack.
Thank you all for your patience and amazing support.

Join the pack here:
Telegram: https://t.me/wolveswallstreet

Yield App: https://app.wows.finance/

About Polygon:
Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 700+ applications hosted, ~600M total transactions processed, ~60M unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.





A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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Wolves of Wall Street

Wolves of Wall Street

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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