WOWS CRYPTOFOLIO Purchase D’App launch Public-Beta.

What you need to know!

Hello Pack, the time has come to announce our public beta is starting Monday 22nd March at 5 pm UTC. We have summarized the most important information in one place so that you can keep an overview.

What can be bought?

As you know already, the WOWS CRYPTOFOLIOS are divided into four different levels.

How to choose your C-Folios?

Here is a simple summary of the DeFi functionalities of the two different TRADER WOLVES vs BUSINESS BOIS C-Folios and their shared abilities.

  • Stablecoins NFTs (USDC, USDT, DAI) earning yield in Yearn, Aave, Fulcrum or Dydx.
  • Yield are distributed in Stablecoin + WOWS token.
  • The only C-folios that are allowed to put their earned yield into the BUSINESS BOOSTER to compound the returns up to 4x within a year.
  • NFT Upgrades to earn more returns from the WOWS POOL
  • NFT Upgrades to increase the BOOST POOL defence power — Defending the BOOSTER returns.
  • Farming with the ETH/WOWS NFT LP token
  • Earning 2.5x the yield in WOWS token compared to the BOIS.
  • NFT Upgrades to earn more returns from the WOWS Pool.
  • NFT Upgrades to increase their corporate raiding — Raiding the BOOSTER pools.
  • Function as Portfolio for any third party NFTs
  • Generating yield based on third party NFTs
  • Function as lending collateral
  • Capable of holding tokenized real-life assets

How will Public Beta occur?

The WOWS public D’app launch at 5 pm UTC on 22nd March and will be strictly first-come, first served. The URL will be announced across all social channels (below) and on the WOWS Telegram 30 minutes before launch at 4.30 PM UTC. Investors will be able to visit, make purchases and view their purchases in the ‘My Pack’ section, from 5 pm.

Staking Lottery Cycle 2

The first cycle of the lottery was a great success and we have just announced the 24 winners will be able to get hold of their CRYPTOFOLIOS on Monday the 22nd prior to the D’app Launch. Participants will get early access to the launch D’app, verified through their address, to choose one CRYPTOFOLIO of their choice in the scope of their winnings. We are also announcing the other 7 who were unlucky will still get early access to also choose a C-folio and buy 1 C-folio from us directly at Beta prices ( 0.5 and 1 WOWS).