Wolves of Wall Street


THE WOLVES OF WALL STREET is a project focused on innovating in the DeFi/NFT (non-fungible tokens) space by focusing on solid farming and DeFi fundamentals within two of the three pillars of DeFi: lending interest, and market-making fees. We are bringing gamification to sit on top of these fundamentals through the innovative use of what we believe is a world-first use of SFT’s (semi-fungible tokens) as mini DAOs, trading with their own unique contract profiles to farm and stake.

We are a team of five professionals, who are non-anon specialists in their field, intent on delivering a secure DeFi project in a way that merges visualized cryptocurrency and gamification with proven DeFi investment protocols, built entirely on open source code.


The rise of Decentralized Finance built on the Ethereum blockchain via ERC20 tokens is grounded in a single concept: “money legos”. These ‘money legos’ are the three pillars of DeFi:

1. lending interest
2. market-making fees
3. and governance distribution.

We’ve had these pillars before, but until July 2020, they had never been stacked on top of each other. A protocol that started with a combination of two pillars of lending and market-making fees added the third through the creation of its governance token Yearn. This created a novel problem called the “profit-seeking problem”: Given three pillars, how do you explore them for profitability, while exploiting the most profitable at the expense of exploration?

The protocol that solved profit-seeking did so with a “Robo advisor’ and that protocol is Yearn Finance. Many projects have spun off the innovations within Yearn as well as been developed in tandem, such as Sushi-swap and its much duplicated Masterchef contract. These two stand out specifically because they are the most duplicated DeFi contracts to date and also because just recently they have mutually recognized each other’s achievements and merged in order to unify their overlapping progress in the DeFi space.

The processes contained within the DeFi contracts of Yearn and Sushi-swap and many others that create value through the strategies within these DEFI pillars are largely obscure and exponentially complex as the strategies evolve month to month. The phrase ‘few understand’, (a widely bandied about term in crypto forums), is used to extol the innovations of any given token as so complex that few understand, but is actually symptomatic of DeFi in general, for most retail investors.

With that in mind, we go further back in time to November 2017 where we were introduced to a unique solution that brought gamification to the Ethereum blockchain and saw the widespread awareness and adoption of Non Fungible Tokens (ERC721) as a unique asset class known as collectables. The developer Axiom saw this as an opportunity to inhabit the best elements of blockchain technology such as decentralization, cryptographical true ownership, uniqueness, scarcity and peer to peer trading and wrap it in a gamified visual approach of ‘unique’ cartoon kittens that would introduce awareness to the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain in a fun and innovative way. In their white Pa-Purr, they state:

“the average consumer doesn’t understand what a cryptocurrency is or why it matters, let alone how the technology behind it works... One way to solve this is ‘gamifying features that leverage blockchain’s unique applications”

(CryptoKitties White Pa-Purr 2017).

Whether it succeeded in this mission is yet to be determined; however, it did bring mass awareness to Ethereum as well as a double dose of bemusement at how a cartoon kitten could be worth $110,000 USD. This, though, is often the case with cryptocurrency for non-adopters — how can something be written in code and called a currency be worth anything? Ironically, they wonder this as they visualize their printable paper money backed by nothing, whilst transferring fiat digitally from bank to shop.

Which is where we have converged today. Seeing this outlaid before us we understand that the problem DeFi is solving is the “money from nothing” challenge. Providing APY that far outstrips centralized banking interest rates, whilst cutting out the middle man management and centralized control, all through complex decentralized automated contracts involving lending interest, market-making fees, and governance distribution that many mainstream casual observers and crypto enthusiasts don’t understand. There has yet to date been a solution that brings about a fourth pillar to DeFi which is educational gamification as introduced in part by crypto kittens but through a new and unique innovation that draws us into DeFi specifically and allows us to break down the economic values of DeFi whilst educating retail investors and bringing about true long term investment value.


Our solution uses ERC1155 token type, not an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), but an SFT (Semi Fungible Token) that can be both currency and collectable, and expands its use case with a unique wrapping, not of value like most previous iterations but actual entire Ethereum contracts in order to give our SFT’s decentralized, automated organizational (DAO) capabilities with unique performance metrics when unleashed in Yearn and other well-established strategies. Rather than the platform being the DAO and contract holder, and different NFT’s, carriers of value, that interact with that DAO, we are creating SFT’s that are the DAO, unique in their capabilities befitting of their rarity, that once purchased and given budget and access to the trading floor aka our d’app can sit in your wallet creating unique levels of profit. The SFTs can be swapped like NFTs and bring their investments with them. You can now sit back and let your character perform DeFi interactions outlined in their character profile which will double up as an introduction to how the trader will utilize your funds within the proven strategies with risk-reward ratios and time amount vectors.


The benefits of our particular technical innovation are as follows. Users of NFTs can now stake and farm in a decentralized manner. Your SFT can sit in your wallet without being locked into a platform and it will continue trading the value it has been assigned in the most profitable and proven profit-seeking strategies, over a sustainable time frame. Abstraction will allow secret enhancements to each SFT in order to increase their capabilities and rewards within the protocols and allow for further gamification. The WOLVES of WALL STREET d’app will ensure the user experience is built in a way that allows all functionality to be performed within it, including buying and trading SFTs as well as creating LP tokens.

Overall your SFT will be gaining value through individual profit-seeking, rewards, enhancements, gamification, rarity and demand. We will be publishing further articles on the mechanics and gamification within our protocol leading up to our presale, stay tuned!

We have created a product for investors who are

  1. … looking for the high APY in the NFT Space.


The WOLVES OF WALL STREET project will run on WOWS Token. There will only be one token with a maximum quantity of 60,000. We have seen the issuance of variable tokens within project strategies water down the tokenomics rather than protecting it, and investors quickly become confused as to which token will hold the most value and start to effectively spread their investment across all tokens within the system. We want to keep it simple; you stake and farm and receive WOWS tokens. Our project wants to shed light on the tokenomics and this is best achieved with a system that uses one monetary token that works its way through the protocols.

We are also very focused on longevity and the granular levels of gameplay and profit rewards as well as the emission rates are designed for long term investment and reward compounding. This is no farm and dump, the benefits of gamification elements will mean that investors are heavily incentivized to re-invest over time as well as improve their chances of heavier profit.

More about the token distribution will be published in future articles closer to the presale.

Disclaimer: There is no WOWS token minted yet. Tokens which could appear after publishing this article are not from us. Please wait for an official announcement.


Over the years we have been party to the foibles of crypto and also its benefits. But we all agreed that there are two unifying threat vectors to a successful ongoing project and as such we will provide specific solutions to mitigate both as effectively as is humanly possible. They are as follows:


This is the one that is the most appalling situations that we have all personally witnessed occur since 2017. It is nothing new but it is also ongoing despite more growing investor awareness and wariness. This is made possible largely by anonymity and the accountability that goes with this and non-locked liquidity pools. It’s also more likely that a project cloned and replicated with little work done to it will likely exit left.

We are a non-anonymous team, this for us is the most important, we are putting our names to this project with pride, in order to provide clarity of our team members and the obvious quality that we each bring. Secondly, we will provide locked presale contracts and liquidity as well as transparency to team and project funds allocations so that it’s clear throughout the project lifecycle how the funds are spent and how we are as incentivized as our investors for the project to succeed. Additional we are taking extensive safety measures to make sure the project is not exposed to flash loan attacks, DDOS or any kind of possible hacks.


Team management and communication: Teams need good management, and experienced project managers create the right growth environment for successful projects and team members to thrive.

Team skillset: This one is not as obvious to investors as they are often not party to what goes on behind the veiled curtain of telegram chats. Firstly the team skill set is a huge issue in delivering what is promised. We have witnessed projects go live without an in house developer let alone dev team. Development time borrowed is a recipe for disaster.

Marketing team: How is not having a marketing team even a thing, the assumption that investors will flock based on word of mouth is false and rare. Growing through marketing once they have flocked is also rarely considered.

Combat single points of failure: Also even if the team is satisfied, single points of failure can occur with developers going AWOL and taking access to specific mission-critical features or marketing leads only having access to social channels, and yes team funds must be in a multi-signature wallet for sign off.

To reassure all of the above we are providing you with a seasoned team of business professionals each specialist in our given field which has allowed us to develop a protocol that we feel will stand the test of time.

We have not one, but two Solidity and full-stack developers with over 30 years between them delivering and developing within our project. We have not one but two marketing heads both Majors and experienced within crypto markets, and leading this team is a digital facilitator and tech business owner for 20 years.


Wolves of Wall Street: Lead Project Manager — Tristan Ader
Wolves of Wall Street: Lead Project Manager — Tristan Ader

Tristan is hugely experienced in designing and delivering digital excellence on large scale projects, managing global development teams with a wide range of skillsets and mediums to deliver within budget and on time. Having been the CEO of a digital development agency for 12 years and overseeing the building and launch of its own proprietary SaaS CMS system, Tristan is well used to overcoming challenges and seeing the way through to a successful outcome.

A keen investor in Cryptocurrencies since 2017 he has seen the best and worst of ICO’s and the best and worst in management of such projects and his vision will be to move this forward in a way that is sustainable and trustworthy. He has recently designed and developed decentralized applications (d’apps) for DeFi projects — XMM.momentum, NFY.finance and Yeld.io and Ymen.finance.

“I am motivated to design and deliver a successful protocol that breathes aspirational gamification and education into DEFI in order to open it up to more mainstream casual investors worldwide.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TristanVert


Markus started programming during his mechanical engineering study in the area robotics and 3D visualization.

He stepped soon into the touristic area, implementing innovative and high-performance search engines for touristic offers using fuzzy logic and image compression techniques. Markus’ focus in software design is strong target orientated, his smile gets bright if the software he developed is accepted by users and provides sustainable benefit.

Now, after 35 years in several positions like the lead of innovation and CTO, Markus is self-employed as a business angel and supports projects in the areas AI, ML, blockchain and alternative energy solutions.

“I am excited by the prospect of wide user interaction and creating a sustainable project for the benefit of others. I am aware of my responsibility for the project, but that is exactly what motivates me.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peak3d1


Garrett’s work ethic is best described as relentless engineering. Following his passions has resulted in professions such as video streaming engineering, embedded systems engineering, and most recently climate tech engineering at a San Francisco startup.

Since reading Nakamoto 2008, distributed ledger technology has been a siren call. An early believer in L2 tech, he authored Solidity code for the Truebit project. Garrett remembers the good old days running an ASIC miner in his closet off his university’s electricity.

“I am driven by innovation in crypto, to not go gentle into that good night and to rage against mediocracy”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eigendude1


Wolves of Wall Street: marketing Manager — Mateen
Wolves of Wall Street: marketing Manager — Mateen

Mateen is an innovator by heart and a serial founder. Along his 23 year career, he co-founded several international projects in the entertainment, event, music and tourism industry and ended up in stock markets and crypto one year ago where he mostly worked as a business consultant and community manager. He also holds a bachelor degree of Arts in Business in Product Marketing & Project Management which makes him an ideal fit as a strategist for all marketing activities around WOWS.

“I am aiming to create a sustainable, innovative and trustworthy project with the team which is easy to understand and brings high financial benefits to customers.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mateen_OD


Wolves of Wall Street: Marketing (Asia)— Danny
Wolves of Wall Street: Marketing (Asia)— Danny

Dan is a serial entrepreneur at heart and firm believer of technology. He founded his first startup providing design and business consultancy services while he was completing his bachelor degree from the London School of Economics and continues this as an ongoing concern. He has been involved in crypto for more than three years and looks forward to a few decades more. He is passionate about connecting and sharing his knowledge with the Asian communities.

“I am inspired by the wolf mentality, and am motivated to ensure the project succeeds by constantly innovating and providing stability for the DeFi community.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danzel62598317


This is the beginning of an exciting journey, bringing DeFi, NFT and gamification into a high profit, secure, sustainable and fun use-case.

By implementing the Yearn profit-seeking strategy with gamification and innovative use of SFT’s, we are providing the most proven and trusted protocol with a new use case for one of the most trending crypto token types right now. With an experienced and dedicated international team and international partners in IT, Design, Art and Gaming we will make sure the project stays innovative, ahead of its time and brings the best returns for our investors.

Our values are transparency, integrity and security, twinned with high-quality standards.

Join the WOLVES OF WALL STREET now — we look forward to taking this journey with you!


Website: https://www.wolvesofwallstreet.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolvesWallst

Telegram: https://t.me/wolveswallstreet

Discord: https://discord.gg/CCqZtze8kg

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.