Wolves of Wall Street


The Presale is go to launch!

  • Presale will take place on our D’app — we will announce the domain 3.5hrs before the launch at 12pm UTC in our Telegram channel.
  • We are distributing 6000 WOWS for 1 ETH = 80 WOWS or 1 WOWS = round 20$ USD (fluctuates with the price of ETH)
  • The minimum purchase for WOWS token will be 0.2 ETH.
  • The maximum purchase of WOWS token will be 3 ETH.

For the presale, you will be offered two options to get the WOWS token:

  1. Buy WOWS token and have it sent directly to your wallet.
  2. Buy WOWS token and provide automatic liquidity into Uniswap with 50/50 ETH/WOWS LP token creation. This will be done seamlessly for you and you can start staking and earning WOWS rewards during the presale (Trading on Uniswap won’t be possible till the presale is closed)

Our goal is to collect 75 ETH in funds.

  • 50% will go directly into the Uniswap Liquidity pool contract and be locked for 12 Months after presale with Unicrypt. This is managed automatically within our presale contract so you can rest assured this is going to happen.
  • The other 50% will go to the Marketing and Development Wallet. With these funds, we will ensure that we can be active, flexible and reactive to marketing efforts via big campaigns in magazines, crypto websites, crypto youtube channels, suitable twitter promotions, general promotions and partnerships. SFT creation, artist payments and design for future artworks will also be a big part as well as ongoing development like implementing marketplaces, an NFT index or yield generating NFTs as a Service. Therefore tokens which are not sold in the presale will go into the WOWS development wallet.

What happens after presale and how we will be launching on Uniswap

  1. Launch Trading on Uniswap
  2. Open the staking platform for the early adopters who haven't already bought LP tokens. Those that aren’t already staking can now join in by manually creating your LP tokens and staking them to earn WOWS. ( we will provide visual instruction steps on how to do this for those not familiar. )

Early adopters who stake LOTTERY announcement

Lottery winner levels are:

SILVER: 2 winners will get the №1 mint of either a WOLF Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT or a BOIS Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT.

BRONZE: 20 Winners will get 1 WOLF or BOIS Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT.

Lottery is chosen at random, unstaking or removing the LP token in that period disqualifies the participation.

The same lottery mechanics will go to everybody who is providing liquidity from 22nd of February 2021 till the launch of SFT level three and four.

Tokenomics reminder.

We are at the beginning of an exciting journey, bringing DeFi, NFT/SFT and gamification into a high profit, secure, sustainable and fun use-case.

Join the WOLVES OF WALL STREET and be part of the pack!

— we are looking forward to accompanying this journey with you!



Website: https://www.wolvesofwallstreet.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolvesWallst

Medium: https://wolvesofwallstreet.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/wolveswallstreet

Discord: https://discord.gg/CCqZtze8kg

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.