We are locked & loaded

The past month was super exciting, we had a lot of activities ongoing, including our presale which was sold out in seconds, listing on Uniswap, listing on Coinmarketcap, Youtube coverage of our project, an art competition celebrating our campaign theme “BECOME CRYPTO-ALPHA” in a collaboration with Exitlimbo and landing on the homepage of NFTplaza a leading NFT News Channel.

It is time to update you on the latest news, marketing plans, and our SFT D’app purchase launch coming up next. We can assure you, the WOLVES of WALL STREET are just getting warmed up.


Save the Date for 15th March 4 pm UTC as we will be having an AMA with one of the biggest DeFi Channels in the space, Cryptodiffer. It is an honor for us to continue the chain of well-known projects like Polkamarkets, Alien worlds, Exeedme, Orion protocol, Terra Virtua, and many many more, being able to answer all your questions and uncover what makes the WOLVES of WALL STREET a unique and valuable NFT project.


Professional Press Releases x 5

This one is hot and right out of the oven. We partnered with professional writers and a distributor team to have continuous press releases at key points in respected tier 1 online crypto channels.

Interview for online article with the CEO and marketing head.

We also are running an interview with Tristan our team lead and Mateen our marketing head in order to get the low down on WOWS from the wolf's mouth. That will be followed with a more in-depth article, deep diving into the use-cases and delivery of this over the next months. Both interviews and article will be published in top-tier online channels.

Crypto Podcast Broadcast

The channel is top secret for now but we will be participating in a well known crypto podcast to introduce our project to even more NFT enthusiasts. This podcast was recommended countless times to Gary Vee when he asked what was the best crypto podcast. Whats good enough for Gary is good enough for us. ;)

Launch of the SFT Purchase D’app

This is probably the milestone most of you are waiting for. The day you can secure your rare SFT Level 1 & Level 2. The purchase private Beta phase will be launched on 16th of March. We will run the D’app and invite some key devs in the space, Jeff from and Alex from and our partners such as Defi-Ted and NFT Army to give it a test run and ensure purchasing runs smoothly and without issues. This could take a few days to complete but once it's finished we can start the public beta which means some chosen few from our community (could be connected with the stakers ;) ) are allowed to test the D’app before anybody else. Parallel to this, we are hiring a professional audit company to make sure your funds and functionalities are safu. This is the same firm that audited and so thanks to Jeff for the recommendation.

End of Phase one of Staking Lottery

The first phase of the staking lottery is coming to an end. On the 16th we will do a snapshot of the WOWS/ETH LP stakers who followed the rules of the lottery and draw 24 winners.

1 Winner No1 Mint Level 1 BOIS SFT
1 Winner No1 Mint Level 1 WOLF SFT
1 Winner No1 Mint Level 2 BOIS SFT
1 Winner No1 Mint Level 2 WOLF SFT
10 Winners of Level 1 BOIS SFT
10 Winners of Level 1 WOLF SFT

Beginning of Phase two of the Staking Lottery

The End of phase one of the staking lottery is the beginning of the second phase at the same time. Rules are the same as the first lottery.
Participants who stake starting from Monday 22. March 00:00 UTC till the launch of the Yield Farming & Staking D’app are participating in another lottery of 1 No1 Mint Level 1 BOIS SFT
1 No1 Mint Level 1 WOLF SFT
1 No1 Mint Level 2 BOIS SFT
1 No1 Mint Level 2 WOLF SFT

Literally, we love to give these valuable Cryptofolio NFTs away for you to horde ready for…

SFT Cryptofolio NFT Staking & Yield Farming

The next milestone on the developing roadmap is integrating the staking & farming functionalities into the current SFT Editions. This is one of the most important and complex milestones. You will be able to use your SFTs as Cryptofolios for the first time. Buy LP NFTs and add them to your WOLF SFT Cryptofolio to earn WOWS, and buy Stablecoin LP NFTs and add them to your BOIS SFT Cryptofolio to earn WOWS plus Stablecoin yields. It is just the beginning of the WOLVES of WALL STREET NFT-DeFi merge, with our Cryptofolio NFT upgrades and gamification to follow.

This is a good overview of the most important marketing activities and key dates to ensure $WOWS continues to grow every day. Every day in crypto is different, so we are always flexible and agile enough to learn from previous activities and adapt along the road, which means don't be surprised if we drop more goodies along the way.

We are super excited to see the community grow and experience the journey of BECOMING CRYPTO ALPHA together!











A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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Wolves of Wall Street

Wolves of Wall Street

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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