Wolves and Bois, the time has come to launch our unique utility of the Cryptofolio, portfolios of Investment NFTs integrated with YEARN and ETH/WOWS LP.

You will be able to buy your i-NFTs and load them with flexible amounts of value and add them to your chosen Business Bois or Wolf trader Cryptofolios to earn sustainable 100%+ APR.

What you need to know

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

We sometimes hear in the community we must be quick otherwise everyone will just copy us. Well we say to them, this isn't the MasterChef contract and also good luck, we also locked our repo because, well when you got something good you don't give it away for free. Don't worry we’re not centralized megalomaniacs, once we achieve world domination, we will release the code under true open-source licences for the benefit of mankind.

Markus (and Eigen plus additional Dev support team) deserves huge recognition for finalizing these insanely slick mechanics, that will allow us to now move forward much quicker, rolling out our future use-cases.

Investment NFTs

Why do we have Investment NFTs? The trials of DeFi can be numerous, volatility in price and gas fees can pay a toll on the uninitiated, the utilization of i-NFTs allows us to insulate investors with a layer of value that appreciates ( given its utility and rarity) and can be traded easily, to offset and more, the costs of gas, including the minting costs. This means in a DeFi environment you have multi-layers of tradeable stable asset value ( C-folios and i-NFTs) on top of your staked or stablecoin currency.

Your value is also flexible, which means if you want to liquidate some or add to your staked ETH/WOWS LP or stable investment you can, nothing stops you here, you can even do this with your i-NFT as it sits inside its portfolio earning.

Strong and stable

For Bois stable i-NFTs, you will be able to invest using stablecoins USDT, USDC, DAI & TUSD as well as yCrv if you’re fancy. The protocol will be generating 100% yield through the yearn curve protocol contracts and through our own WOWS reward distribution based on the level of Cryotfolio you are using. For the wolves Staking i-NFTs, we’ll be using the ETH/WOWS LP pairs and generating WOWS returns. For those using the current staking system, they will have to manually un-stake at their leisure and re-stake using the i-NFTs of their choice. The current rewards are set lower than the prodigy Cryptofolio meaning you will have a natural incentive to move. If this isn't enough we will be closing the V.1 after a period of up to 3 weeks.

Much rewards, much sell?

In order to protect the tokenomics from your Business Bois selling off their WOWS rewards, we have multiple tricks up our sleeves. Firstly, buying C-folios and i-NFTs ensures all participants are buying WOWS in order to invest. All new purchases result in 70% going back into the farmed rewards pools. Secondly, we incentivize the BOIS by introducing as soon as possible the Business Bois booster pools where their WOWS can be compounded into a time-locked NFT booster pool giving up to x4 profit.

We got trading locked down

You will be able to trade your i-NFTs and C-folios on OpenSea through our unique locking system. When locking your i-NFT or C-folio for sale they become visible on Opensea ready for trading. The locking allows us to lock the state of the underlying value and assets and ensures the veracity of the investment. If a user tries to alter the state of the investment, the NFT sale is reverted automatically and the item for sale disappears. The underlying value and NFT content of the Cryotofolios will be revealed in OpenSea via their properties panel, giving you the ability to make your investment choices with clarity.

But when audit sir.

As you know we have one audit under our belts with Immune bytes, and now we have 2 more currently in progress. Bramah Systems will lead the way followed by another undertaken by a yet to be announced partner. As always we value security and undertake all precautions and advisement.

We want our independence play*

All our supporters will be given the possibility to jump onto our testing platform starting on Sunday, 4th of July at 5 pm UTC on the Rinkeby testnet. The test address will be published on TG shortly before this time along with instructions on how to get Rinkeby stablecoins, ETH, and WOWS. This will give you first-hand experience on using the platform without using real tokens or stablecoin and allow you to learn what's possible with WOWS before the real launch within 2 weeks. (Audits are the variable here)

( *see what we did there )

Walkthrough the upcoming DApp with our CEO Tristan Ader!

Where are we now and where are we heading?

The last month has been really successful regarding networking and development. The feedback on the presentation at the world’s first DeFi Global Summit in Dubai has been hugely positive and there were some great partnership and networking offers.

We met many well respected international personalities like Sir Anthony Ritossa, and Arshi Zaveri Senior Advisor to the Royal Family Offices, who personally sought only us, out of every business showing there, in order to learn how we can work together. We also have some important partnerships already in the works and will announce these once the ink has dried on our contracts.

Our takeaways from the summit are that there is a huge demand and interest in connecting the old and new class of assets, such as crypto and real estate, commodities and art. Therefore, the team has decided to accelerate the tokenization of assets as NFTs and bring these use-cases forward as much as possible.

We would also like to reveal that we are in the final stages of founding our corporation WOWS Solutions LLC company located in St. Vincent and will be looking to build a sister entity in Dubai at the end of the year, which will make it easier for us to promote and secure all partnerships in the UAE and worldwide.

The immediate marketable future

In tandem with our launch, we will initiate a large marketing push to target the DeFi sector using specialists in social media, AMAs and influencers to get greater awareness exactly when we want it. More on partnerships and our new roadmap of developments will also be revealed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, secure your bags and enjoy the journey with us.

We are building steadily and the future is the pack.
Thank you all for your patience and amazing support.

Let’s rock this!










A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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Wolves of Wall Street

Wolves of Wall Street

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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