After our successful presale which was sold out in under 30 seconds, we are now ready to build and expand!

The crypto space is full of packs hunting for profit, chaotic but hopeful, restless but directionless. We need to show them how the pack should work and how our crypto brethren can hunt for profit the Wolves of Wall Street way. In order to succeed, we need you to become crypto-alpha. You are that alpha. Lead the way.

Here is the unique Wolves of Wall Street journey that allows you to Become Crypto-Alpha, by using your individual Cryptofolio:

  • Want to do staking and earn APY? — Just hold your Cryptofolio (BOIS or WOLVES) and let it do the work in the yearn protocol (currently you can already stake at our D’app - Join here!)
  • Want to increase your profits? — Upgrade your Cryptofolio up to four levels.
  • Want to increase your profits more? — Go on a raid with your Wolves Cryptofolio.
  • Want to increase your profits even more? — Put your earned rewards into the booster with your BOIS Cryptofolio.
  • Holding some third-party NFTs and want to sell them as a curated collection? — Put them in your Cryptofolio and increase the overall value.
  • Need some funds to trade somewhere else? — Put your Cryptofolio as collateral and trade with the exchanged funds.
  • Want to lower your exposure to risk? — Just hold your Cryptofolio BOIS and let it do the work earning APY in our stable coin farms (USDT, USDC, DAI) plus through the yearn protocol.
  • Are you a designer and would like your NFT to be a Cryptofolio as well? — Turn your NFT into a Cryptofolio on our website.
  • Want to secure your profits with physical assets? — allocate fractional ownership (for example real estate) to your Cryptofolio.
  • Want to sell one of your rare Cryptofolios? — Sell it with all the value you have implemented through your journey as outlined above.

or in short — “Become Crypto-Alpha”

Campaign Theme competition! Win 500$ in ETH

One of the most important parts of our project values is supporting the crypto space, being part of the community, and giving back to others by providing support and opportunities in many different ways along the road. We deeply believe that this is the best way to see newcomers become recognized, and enjoy mutual growth for other projects and start-ups, within the Crypto, DeFi and NFT space.

For that we are celebrating the introduction of our campaign theme “Become Crypto-Alpha” with a price of 500$ in ETH!

How to participate:

Design your own artistic interpretation of “Become Crypto-Alpha” as an Info-art. It can be either a video, meme, gif, drawing or a static graphic.

The design must :

  1. have your own interpretation of “Become Crypto-Alpha” (You can take the WOWS Cryptofolio uses described above as inspiration)
  2. include some characteristics of our brand, logo, colors, fonts, wolves, dogs, etc.
  3. include the campaign theme ‘Become Crypto-Alpha’
  4. include the website
  5. be posted on Twitter! (Shares, comments, and likes are evaluated as feedback from the community and increasing the chance to be selected.)
  6. have all three tags $WOWS @WolvesWallst #becomecryptoalpha
  7. be posted in our discord channel — “Campaign Theme Competition”

The Competition will go on until Thursday 04. March 2021 — 00:00h UTC.

Winners will be chosen by our five team members and two of our external partners/supporters through a voting system.

Winners will be announced on Friday 05. March 2021 on our social media channels (Time will be announced one day before).

The winner wins an ETH prize of 500$.

(Using a third-party provider for design or paid advertising will exclude you from participation. The judges’ decision is final)

We are very excited to share this moment with you and are looking forward to accompanying this journey — GOOD LUCK! 🍀 🐺











A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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Wolves of Wall Street

Wolves of Wall Street

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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