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Wolves of Wall Street

Its been an intense month at WOWS HQ but we are pleased to announce that we have successfully bridged all stable farming and staking from Ethereum to Polygon. We have big plans soon to be announced under the banner ‘Project Skyscraper’ and bridging to Polygon is the first piece of the puzzle.

Not only this but we have been in talks with the Polygon team who love what we are doing and what we have planned especially. Look out for some official media announcements coming very soon!

What does this mean for existing Wolves stakers and Bois Stable lenders?

First and foremost this is the end of high gas tx on the Ethereum chain…

Wolves and Bois, the time has come to launch our unique utility of the Cryptofolio, portfolios of Investment NFTs integrated with YEARN and ETH/WOWS LP.

You will be able to buy your i-NFTs and load them with flexible amounts of value and add them to your chosen Business Bois or…

Groundbreaking C-Folio NFT-DeFi protocol ‘Wolves of Wall Street’ ($WOWS) are pleased to announce the formation of one of their most important partnerships to date, a strategic partnership with and their owners MIMIR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION.

NFY and WOWS share a common history as both founders have previously collaborated with each…

We are happy to announce the release of the second Batch of the WOWS SFTs.

After the first Batch was sold out in a swift three days, the demand and ongoing requests for MOAARR has been a consistent wish in the wolfpack community. We hear you and with the upcoming…

What you need to know!

Hello Pack, the time has come to announce our public beta is starting Monday 22nd March at 5 pm UTC. We have summarized the most important information in one place so that you can keep an overview.

First, the private beta has gone very well. Our advisors Ash from NFT…

We are locked & loaded

The past month was super exciting, we had a lot of activities ongoing, including our presale which was sold out in seconds, listing on Uniswap, listing on Coinmarketcap, Youtube coverage of our project, an art competition celebrating our campaign theme “BECOME CRYPTO-ALPHA” in a collaboration with Exitlimbo and landing on…

After our successful presale which was sold out in under 30 seconds, we are now ready to build and expand!

The crypto space is full of packs hunting for profit, chaotic but hopeful, restless but directionless. We need to show them how the pack should work and how our crypto brethren can hunt for profit the Wolves of Wall Street way. In order to succeed, we need you to become crypto-alpha. You are that alpha. Lead the way.

Here is the unique Wolves of Wall Street journey that allows you to Become Crypto-Alpha, by using your individual Cryptofolio:

  • Want to do staking and earn APY? — Just hold

The Presale is go to launch!

The presale will be held starting on Monday 15th of February 2021 15:30 pm UTC and will go on for one week till Monday 22nd of February 2021 or till the goal of 75 ETH is reached, whichever comes first.

  • Presale will take place on our D’app — we will…


Automated SFT Cryptofolio & Project Roadmap.

We have looked at the benefits and potential our SFT’s have in wider use cases and decided that its only right they should be coined as something new.

Enter the world of CRYPTOFOLIOS, a token that acts as a portfolio of crypto assets and an automated financial portfolio that earns…


Our use of NFT’s & SFT’s

In our first article, we introduced to you our vision and our non-anon team.
Today we are diving deeper into the use cases of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and SFT’s (Semi Fungible Tokens) and show you what makes our project innovative and unique. …

Wolves of Wall Street

A DeFi project expanding the use & value of NFTs as a CRYPTOFOLIO with implemented yield earning protocols, allocated assets, rewards & shared profit.

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